Virtual Author’s Assistant: A High Demand Niche at (July 2009)

Recently I was introduced to Jan B. King, a publishing
strategist and a publisher-turned-coach with over 30 years in the
publishing industry. She created a training program,, especially for VAs who want to work
with authors in the publishing field because this is a very high
demand industry. I love to read and this program really piqued my
interest because to me, it’s very original and not a niche I ever
realized existed. I always figured authors had their editors and
publishing staff to do this stuff but not every author has those
resources at their disposal.
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Interview with Jan King at Virtual Assistant – THE Blog About
Our Industry by Kathie M. Thomas, founder, A. Clayton’s Secretary
(July 2009)

Many Virtual Assistants are seeing a relationship between the
services they offer and the needs that authors have. There’s a
direct connection or perfect marriage between the two industries. I
am privileged to share with you an interview with Jan King on this
topic. Read full article in two parts…