Welcome to Michelle’s Virtual Assistance

Author’s Assistants are people who work behind the scenes to create, organize and coordinate all the different pieces necessary to get a book published.

To writers, they are miracle workers.

The world of publishing can be frightening, overwhelming and frustrating. An author’s assistant is the expert the writer turns to guide them step-by-step through the process.

Virtual Author’s Assistants organize the publishing process for authors around the world.

They organize materials, conduct research, obtain permissions, refer to other professionals like editors, cover designers and printers, prepare media kits, coordinate virtual book tours and much more. There are 24 services that writers ask for most often, and those are the services that author’s assistants provide.

Services We Offer

• Inventory and organize the author’s source documents
• Research the target reader
• Fact check information in a book
• Get permission to use the work of others, including quotes and interviews in a book
• Coordinate professional peer and target reader reviews
• Research potential publishers
• Do a competitive analysis
• Prepare the manuscript to submit to the publisher
• Coordinate the self-publishing process
• Get an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) for a book
• Get the Library Cataloging Information for a book
• Get a bar code
• Coordinate testimonial requests
• Create an account with Lightning Source to print the book
• Review the proof copies of a book
• Get the Copyright registered
• Coordinate book marketing activities
• Coordinate the author web site and media kit
• Send out copies for early book reviews
• Get listed and maximize the books’ Amazon web page
• Create a virtual book launch and book tour
• Organize a live book event
• Launch an Amazon best seller campaign
• Enter book awards competitions